🏠 Qualifications
Graduate Certificate of Applied Data Analytics
Monash University (Ongoing - July 2023)
  • Data Science - data in a business model and its lifecycle; different data types, preparation, cleaning, processing, and analysis styles; data curation and management; and legal, ethical, and policy issues.
  • Python - basic input/output, program control structures, data structures, modularity, problem-solving techniques, iteration, and recursion.
  • SQL - relational model, analysis and design, implementation of relational database using Oracle SQL Developer.
Meta Full Stack Developer Certificate
Coursera - May 2023
Created a React site for Capstone with Figma UX/UI wireframe, semantic HTML, responsive CSS, React components, form validation, fetch API, JSON, and Jest testing. Backend made with Python/Django and MySQL.
Master of Business Administration
University of Western Australia (2015 - 2019)
  • Data Driven Decision Making, Finance, Economic Management, Organisational Behaviour, Management of Technology & Innovation, Accounting, Marketing and Strategic Management.
  • Overseas Study Tour to Silicon Valley visiting Stanford Uni, Tesla, Salesforce & Australia Startups.
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