Kin is 99.81 % Migrated to a More Faster & Cheaper Blockchain!

The migration journey of the $KIN currency has seen another milestone hit, with the migration over to the Solana Blockchain nearly complete! On the 15th of December 2020, the Kin Team announced they were kicking off the migration on Twitter. This came after a delay where originally it was planned for the 8th December, however … Read moreKin is 99.81 % Migrated to a More Faster & Cheaper Blockchain!

$KIN Wallets Supporting Solana SPL

The official Kin Blog has announced 5 new wallets will support the new Solana-based $KIN ! If you already have ERC-20 or Stellar-based KIN, don’t worry, just read this. Math Wallet $KIN Support Platforms: Website, Browser Plugin, iPhone Testflight & Android. Kin Support: At launch Website: Torus Wallet $KIN Support Platforms: Integrates with Google, … Read more$KIN Wallets Supporting Solana SPL

Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Kin App Review

One of the most professional Unity-based Kin Games we have seen is Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue (GBDR). It’s a very addictive puzzle game where you must organise dog treats so they get eaten! You can purchase power-ups with $KIN in the later levels where it get’s really hard. This is 100+ levels of BONE CRUNCHING … Read moreGrandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Kin App Review

What Exchanges is $KIN on?

Bithumb Global will open trading for KIN in <24 hours ! KIN/USDT Bithumb Global is ranked 30th in global exchange volume, coming in at $72 Million average 24 hour volume. It was launched in May 2019 for the international market, based off the success of the Korean exchange Bithumb, ranked 5th in global exchange volume … Read moreWhat Exchanges is $KIN on?

How Kin Ads Drives $KIN Demand

Kin Ads Launches with 5 Kin Apps Who Spend 427k & Earn 700k Per Month Kin Ads have launched their Ad platform using the Kin currency with 5 big name Kin Apps running it at launch. This drives demand and value for Kin by making it easy for Kin App developers to integrate Ads into … Read moreHow Kin Ads Drives $KIN Demand