27 days ago on the KinFoundation Reddit we announced the simple idea behind Kinland, a 3D world where you can run around and collect Kin !

It was met with a warm response, still hasn’t hit 100 upvotes, but the overall feedback was positive.

A month on, it is my pleasure to announce that Kinland has graduated to Beta on the Google Play Store. There is a 1000 user limit so get in quick.

Kinland Beta Launch Features

Initial Beta testing has minimal features, so Single Player is all you have. Jump into Kin Town (part of Kinland), collect 10 coins, and then you can customise your characters.

This version does not have KIN integration, as the SDK’s are painful and we couldn’t get them working out of the box due to errors with Unity 2020. Also since Solana Migration, Python SDK for us is having some issues too.

If you like Kinland, please rattle some cages on the Reddit so that Kinland can get some help integrating Kin and fixing some of our issues.

Disclaimer: You can collect ‘coins’ but in this release are not actually Kin. There is also no account backups, so you will lose the characters you purchase on next update.

Known Bugs

  • Fix bugs with character selection, where it mistakenly selects the Business Man instead of the Trucker

Kinland has a Long Todo List

  • Get the KIN Unity SDK working for Unity 2020
  • Get the KIN Python SDK working since the Solana Migration
  • Add more characters
  • Enable multiplayer shooter mode (FPS), pledge 10 Kin into battle and winner takes all. (Up to 4 player initially) We have already started work on this, so cool.
  • Keep shipping code into 2021
  • Build a massive “Ted The Redeemer” statue on Kin Mountain so multiplayer Kinlanders can bask in His glory
  • Ship more code based on Kin Community feedback!

Check it Out on the Google Play Store

Android Play Store Link

Direct Kinland Web Link

Please provide feedback on Reddit or Twitter!

See the Kin Foundation Reddit’s post here !